Our signature diversity recruiting trainings ensure key stakeholders understand how their daily work and activities can contribute to more successful diversity recruiting within their company. The trainings use empirical evidence and practical steps to empower teams. Each training is two hours and includes a Q+A for team members.



Inclusive hiring is one of the most powerful ways to create meaningful shifts to a company’s makeup. In this training, participants learn about common pitfalls companies make in their hiring process. From phone screens to strategic partnerships, our signature Diversity Recruiting Training shares case studies and best practices that trains participants on practical action items to help organizations attract and hire a more diverse pool of candidates.



Competition for diverse talent is stiff and organizations often unknowingly discourage job seekers from underrepresented backgrounds by sending the wrong brand signals. Our Employer Branding Training will help teams look at their company's branding through a diversity lens and identify new opportunities to create a message that encourages interest from applicants with diverse backgrounds. Branding sends a powerful message and it’s critical for companies to send the right message if they want their diversity efforts to be fruitful. Otherwise, diverse candidates move on.


diversity and inclusion 101

Most organizations today understand that they need to work on their Diversity and Inclusion efforts, however they often feel overwhelmed with where to start. The Diversity and Inclusion 101 Training breaks down the initial intimidation and gives employees a deeper understanding of diversity initiatives as a whole. This training also provides participants from all functions, backgrounds and levels the tools needed to actively contribute to their company’s diversity and inclusion efforts. This course will break down the difference between diversity, inclusion and belonging as well as show how leading organizations have successfully implemented each concept into their organizations