We provide practical solutions that are known to attract and retain talent from different backgrounds. Our expertise and connections help organizations build an inclusive recruiting process so that diversity hiring is a natural part of growth.


Audit + Strategy

ModelExpand will audit the recruitment process to identify barriers and opportunities for improvement specific to your organization. From there, we will build a strategy and train the team on how to move forward to ensure better results using evidence-based solutions.


Employer Branding

Employer branding and strategic partnerships are vital to attract a more diverse talent pool. We help organizations improve their branding, visibility and positioning among diverse networks by providing access and opportunities to diverse engineering groups.



Our signature diversity trainings ensure key stakeholders understand how to adjust their daily work to more successfully recruit and hire diverse talent. The trainings share practical and data-driven strategies that have been known to work.

ModelExpand is a thought leader in this space and their breadth of knowledge allows companies to save time and immediately start implementing strategies that work.

Queen Denchukwu
Manager of Diversity Alliances and Partnerships