Helping your company connect with and retain candidates from diverse backgrounds
 HELPING YOUR COMPANY CONNECT WITH and retain CANDIDATES from diverse backgrounds

HELPING YOUR COMPANY CONNECT WITH and retain CANDIDATES from diverse backgrounds



ModelExpand knows your company wants to build a diverse and inclusive culture but might feel overwhelmed by where to start. We're here to help. Together, we'll move your diversity and inclusion initiatives forward in an approachable and effective way that makes an impact.




Assessment + Strategy

ModelExpand will partner with you to implement practical steps aimed at expanding your hiring pool to reach candidates from diverse backgrounds. From branding and communications to hiring practices, we will conduct an assessment to identify barriers and opportunities specific to your organization. From there, we will build a strategy to move your diversity initiatives forward in a measurable way.

Relationship Building,

Relationship Building

There are 50+ community groups in the Bay Area focused on women and other historically underrepresented groups, many of whom come from nontraditional educational backgrounds. Is your organization visible to these communities? From job boards to content partnerships, there are various ways to engage. We will help you build relationships and guide you on how to strategically work with these groups to increase your company's visibility and engagement with a wider, more diverse network. 


The Early Start

Although it is never too late, building a diverse organization can be more challengeing if your company doesn't invest in diversity early on. Creating a culture of inclusivity from the outset makes scaling that culture a natural part of your company’s growth. If you are a small to mid-sized company looking to grow, now is the best time to partner with us to build a diverse foundation and become a welcoming organization from the start.



Having collaborated with numerous diversity teams and industry leaders, our goal is to share our expertise in a tangible way. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we will tailor tried and true practices to your company’s specific needs, allowing you to work efficiently toward engaging with a diverse group of qualified candidates. 


CEO & Founder

CEO and Founder Paria Rajai began her work on diversity initiatives in 2008 designing global women in tech events with Yahoo's Business and Human Rights division.  Since then, Paria led the marketing team at Hackbright Academy - the country’s first coding school for women - working to connect companies such as Amazon, Yelp and Slack with more women engineers. She also helped organize the inaugural Women of MENA in Tech Conference in Silicon Valley. She was recently profiled in Forbes for being a leader and advocate in the world of tech, marketing and diversity.  As tech continues to grow at a rapid pace, her goal is to ensure individuals from all backgrounds are included in the process.


Paria Rajai, CEO & Founder,

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