Use the letter below to show your boss why this training is important for you to attend.


I would like your approval to attend the ModelExpand Diversity Recruiting Bootcamp  in San Francisco on August 23, 10 am - 3 pm. This training is dedicated to equipping individuals with foundational knowledge needed to help move diversity recruiting efforts forward.

The lead trainer has worked with small, growing startups to Fortune500 companies on their diversity recruiting goals. Some example employers that she has worked with include Slack, Anaplan and eBay. She was also recently profiled in Forbes for being a leader in the diversity and inclusion space.

The best part is that this bootcamp is extremely small in size - maximum cohort of 20 people. I’ll have the opportunity to get tailored answers for our particular business challenges. Between the content presented in the sessions, we will have the research, case studies and expert knowledge that will help us reach our diversity recruiting objectives. My purpose in attending this is to help us know how to prioritize and to accomplish the following tactical goals:

  • Goal 1: Gain 2-3 branding and sourcing strategies to help us attract more diverse applicants

  • Goal 2: Understand how unconscious bias tends to affect the hiring process and how we can proactively mitigate against this

  • Goal 3: Determine clear metrics to measure success and progress

Since our company is growing fast, it is essential that we get this right so that we do not waste our time and money on areas that do not bring the greatest return. Building that foundational knowledge based on data will help me guide us on the most efficient way to move forward.

I am confident that my attendance at the training will directly influence the quality of my work on our diversity recruiting efforts.

When I get back from the training, I’m happy to share takeaways with the team, including those that we can implement immediately.

The event registration is $625, which is a great value and is a limited pilot price offer.

There are very few spots since these workshops are conducted in small groups.

You can learn more about the training at on the program registration page and you can learn more about ModelExpand here.

Thank you for taking the time to review this request, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.




ModelExpand is a diversity recruiting strategy firm that helps companies attract diverse talent through strategic consulting, workshops and events.

“ModelExpand's trainings allow companies to make real-time changes to their process and ensure their diversity efforts are effective and scalable. I was very impressed.”

Stephanie C, Senior Leadership Development Business Partner



Paria Rajai currently runs ModelExpand, a diversity recruiting strategy firm. She is a leader in the diversity and inclusion space and has been at the forefront of diversity and inclusion work for nearly a decade. Paria is an innovator in creative strategies for the recruitment and retention of women, racial and ethnic minorities and nontraditional candidates. Her operational experiences gives her a strong understanding of day-to-day pressures in companies and how to best incorporate diversity and inclusion strategies to companies as they grow. Her extensive marketing and branding experience is also a superpower she uses to help companies build strong internal and external communications around diversity and inclusion.

Paria has worked with all organization sizes from growing startups to Fortune 500 companies to help them implement successful strategies. She was recently profiled in Forbes for being a leader in diversity and tech.

Paria was previously on the leadership team of Hackbright Academy - the country’s first coding school for women - working to connect companies such as Amazon, Yelp and Slack with more diverse talent. She also helped organize the inaugural Women of MENA in Tech Conference in Silicon Valley and has been selected as a mentor for the State Department’s TechWomen program.