Audit + Strategy

PINPOINT THE SOLUTION| Each part of the hiring process can be optimized for diversity recruiting. Our package of audits allows organizations to find out what is broken and can be improved upon in the process. Below are our most popular audit options:

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Recruiting Audit

This assessment will go through the talent acquisition process - from brand to offer - to help identify roadblocks that are preventing diversity recruiting efforts from succeeding. The culmination of this assessment is a strategy and training session for key stakeholders on adjustments needed to improve the diversity of the organization’s workforce.

Employer Brand Audit

Employers are learning at a rapid pace the importance of sending the right brand signals in order to maintain a competitive advantage and attract diverse candidates. This assessment examines brand content, images and job descriptions to help improve the employer brand.

Interview Audit

If underrepresented candidates are coming through the pipeline but not converting in the interview process, the interview audit will provide insight into barriers and strategies for improvement.

ModelExpand gave EDO the insights, tools, and strategies we needed to expand our Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. They successfully led EDO through an interview assessment, analyzed the findings, and gave recommendations for areas of improvement. The feedback from our employees on the D&I training was positive, and we can already see changes within our company.

Kevin Krim